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collage Gallery

Welcome to Daniel Soares' Collage Showroom!

From the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico, Daniel Soares' oilfield art pencil drawings are bestsellers due to his relentless research and authentic depictions of the gas and oil industries.

If you’re thinking of using Daniel's collage's, be sure to check out our Gold Access Club (even if you’re not a ____!)

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"You make collages?"

When other artists ask me what kind of art I do, they always register surprise when I tell them I do a lot of oilfield art.

The snootier ones say things like “I can’t imagine there’s much artistic merit in that“, or “Dear me, people don’t actually buy them, do they?”

Well yes, there is, and yes, they do.

It makes perfect sense for me to draw scenes from the oil patch. I need to make a disclaimer; I’ve never actually worked on an oil rig. Not that they would take me, being a hazard to self and others. But my late father spent many years on the rigs, I have lifelong friends in the business, and I had thousands of customers in the oil industry before I drew my first oil rig piece.

I know these folks.

In fact, one could beg the question “What else would I draw?”

What these art snobs can’t seem to understand is that I’m not drawing for them. I’m drawing for the people I know.




I Love Collage! But What Exactly Is A Collage?

Collage is a way of expressing yourself with what materials are directly in-front of you. It's is a technique I really got interested in at university when I was learning about the great DADA artists of the early 20th century, for example, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Hans Arp, Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters etc. These artists understood that they could express themselves and there ideas by cutting up and rearranging newspapers and magazines. They could bend them and rearrange the words and images to say whatever they wanted. This began a new trend in Art that would influence the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and a slew of new Pop artists in the 60s and 70s. its a pure and honest art form. it can also be political. and really speak your mind. I believe in free speech and activism so I love how this works.

People can understand collage; we all read newspapers and magazines, they’re everywhere, and you can grab one and begin with no fuss or bother.  See it – draw it.  Got an idea – draw it.  Solving a problem – grab a pencil and work it out.   ??????????

I tend to look at an object and see a tonne of potential .

Also, pencil is pure.  It’s black and white; there’s no hiding spots or tricks to cover up mistakes.  It’s right, or it’s not.  It keeps you honest and makes you pay attention to what you’re doing.

Pencil can render all kinds of textures and tones; you can scribble, or you can bring out extraordinary detail. The same pencil can be used to make chicken scratch, or used to create something photorealistic.



This is the craziest shit I've ever made. Never once before has this been tried. Ok I lied it has countless times.

I've been making this kindof thing for years. Basically only after 

I spent a long time trying to figure out what i could make. with limited space and resources  was so frustrated that i couldnt be making the super large paintings that  I love makig. 

but there had to be a solution as I barely had any options.  There was a atime when I even ran off to Portugal because I didn't have enough space at home. A story for another time. The problem now was, that I had basically no money, no time and no space. Without those 3 things its VERY VERY hard to make any art. This was incredibly frustrating for me. I couldn't make a damn thing I wanted to make. I live in a very small house with my parents. I hate work. And I have a bad attitude. I've had more in the past but now I have less. The issue is what the hell could I do now?! Art is oxygen to artists, if they can't make any then they slowly die! I have visions of incredibly large art, insanely large art. Yet I can't make any of it. I can't paint, I can't even draw where I am. I also am a bit funny with drawing. 

But then it all clicked. I would make COLLAGES. Why hadn't I thought of this?!?!?!? I love collaging. Sort of, I never really fell in love with it until my first year at uni. Before then I thought it was a waste of time. It wasn't until I discovered DADA that I really got into it. DADA is an incredible movement from the 1910s and 20s that began as a reaction to world war 1 and the rapid technological changes happening in the world. Artists were using new materials like newspaper and magazines due to the huge distribution of such things. My favourites by far are Kurt and so on.


Oilfield drawing of ‘One of Those Days’…

Fifth in a series of oilfield drawings

Why is common sense so elusive? Danger should, you’d think, be obvious, but our concept of it evolves.

Compare our upbringing to how we’re raising our children. Today nobody in their right mind would let a child sleep in the rear window deck of a moving car (it was fun though).

What is it that keeps people from taking even the simplest precautions until they’re forced to? I guess people just don’t see the need until it affects them personally.

When seat belt laws arrived in the 70’s, dad’s farming neighbors had big reactions. They considered it as their God-given right to fly through any windshield they saw fit. Personally, I couldn’t understand what the big deal was; to a kid, it made perfect sense. (FULL DISCLOSURE: This kid, me, also did some mighty stupid things, so I’m not calling anyone out, I merely observe.)

Had I been at the above scene, you probably wouldn’t have noticed me, because I’d be the small dot vanishing on the horizon.


This scene is a compilation of several photographs given to me by longtime Pencilneck ® Platinum Member Alex Michaud.

“I’ve got some photos I’d like you to look at!’ Alex said.

“Oh…uh…great!” I said, nervously.  

I get asked several times a month to ‘have a look at some pictures’ by fans, clients, well-wishers, and others who, out of an honest desire to help and chip in, think they have the perfect picture for me to draw…but the whole idea is fraught with peril.

The big problem is that reference photos have very specific parameters, and some of the qualities that make nice photographs are often the exact opposite of what I need for reference.

The qualities that make nice photographs are often the exact opposite of what I need for reference…

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Most pictures of a pet or departed family member are, typically, useless to me as an artist. Either the resolution is too small, or the light is bad, the texture is grainy, or it’s blurred or any number of things…and the problem is that one doesn’t want to look like an ass when letting folks down. They’re always excited about the possibility of having me be commissioned or even of ‘donating it to the cause’, as it were.

And I cringe at the idea of being one of those highbrow-lowlife artists who poo-poo everything, so I take the time to look at their pictures.

But in all honesty, after the initial impression confirms my fears, my mind is racing furiously trying to come up with nice ways to let them down, and Alex is such a dashed good guy that I hated the idea of hurting his feelings.


However, his pictures were terrific!

The scene was impressive and fit the stuff I was already doing and was from an area not too far from The Colonel’s hometown. They were likely taken with an old Brown camera, as the resolution on the photos was astounding (35mm? phfhfhft).

“I only have one request,” Alex said “See the guy in the buckskin jacket? That’s my dad.  If you can use these, can you make sure to put him in somewhere?”

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Owen hand signs and numbers every single Limited Edition Print, and a seal is embossed over his signature.

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Wayne Rutherford,
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“I’ve been buying Owen’s art since 2003 and we use them for bonspiels, Christmas and charity auctions. I continue to use them because we get great response from the recipients and they enjoy them each year. I also have over a dozen of them in my own collection.”

Jim Watchell

“We purchased our first prints in 2003 and since our first purchase, we have increased our order every year. This year our customers were begging for more, so I had to place a second order for the year. The bottom line is that we are very impressed with the variety, detail and simple wonder of each sketch.

We will continue to purchase these for years to come."

Craig Pidsadowski
Hertz Equipment Rental

"We've been purchasing a couple of dozen prints a year since 1998. It's not the only promo item we use, but Owen's art is our favorite, and the recipients LOVE them! We're always looking forward to see what Owen's newest piece is going to be!”

Karen Bayes
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  • Published from an Original Pencil Drawing
  • Limited Edition of 1968 Prints
  • Artist's Proofs of 196 Proofs
  • Image Size 9 1/4" by 13 1/4"
  • Framed Size 20" by 24"
    © Owen Garratt


  • Exclusive Pencilneck ® Framing
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