Gliding Swallows - Limited Edition Print


Gliding Swallows - Limited Edition Print


This picture is inspired by the birds you can see gliding in the blue summer sky. At the time of drawing this picture I was studying at the academy of fine art in Vienna, Austria and spending so much of my time away from the studio out on a field appreciating the summer. Vienna is an incredibly beautiful city with many lovely parks to spend your time on.

I drew this in charcoal, one of my favourite tools for drawing. When I draw I tend to start on the blank piece of paper and work on it with my mark making tools until I feel I’m happy with what I see. I don’t pre-plan my work and I just go with what feels good and what looks good. I’m inspired greatly by many of the modern masters like Picasso, Duchamp, Cy Twombly and Jackson Pollock so my style very much follows there’s.

However I’m also greatly inspired by the renaissance masters like Michelangelo, Titian and Raphael and at the time of making this I was spending a lot of time looking at Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder at the nearby art history museum too.

Either way this is one of my favourite pieces and embodies my style and ideas very well, this piece particularly highlights the beginning of a new journey for me, when I began to look at nature, spirituality, art history and painting more closely.

This is part of a charming collection of 4 other charcoal drawings of birds in the sky.
18.2” x 14” inches

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