Biography of Daniel Soares

Daniel Soares  was born in Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom in 1991. Tragically he hasn't yet become a full time artist despite being extremely talented hes just part time that and part time waiter.

Actually since graduating from UCA in 2015 he's spent much of his time in the studio working away at things and thinking about art. He's had a few small exhibitions and has been desperately trying to figure out how to become a successful artist.

So in 2015 he was going to do anything he could to reach that goal. He's read book after book on art marketing, art galleries and other successful artists and after a few disastrous attempts at making fast cash online, and begging galleries to buy his work he decided he had to create a decent website and promote himself... by himself! 

I've learned a thing or two since graduation despite it being an incredibly miserable period of my life having very little time or resources to make art and ruining all my relationships due to my stubborn commitment to art, I've been incredibly dysfunctional barely able to maintain a job and being a complete financial scourge on my parents.

Despite all this, there has been some light. I've straightened my mind out, and (I think) I've come up with a good idea...

SO! Have a browse, look at my past work and follow me on instagram. Enjoy looking around and contact me if you have anything you'd like to ask!


Notable Exhibitions

2018 (Mar) "Conspiracies", Lewisham Arthouse, London (UK)
with: David Fines, Aria Kiani, Henry Pucknell and William Cotterill

2017 (July) "Liminal", Cambridge artspace, Cambridge (UK)
with: Henry Pucknell, Aria Kiani, Diane Burch, Amy Scott-Pillow

2017 (Feb) "Handover", The Factory, Folkestone (UK)
with: Matt Page and other performance artists from RCA

2015 (June) Bachelors degree end of year show at UCA Farnham

2014 (July) "Probably not", Strange Cargo, Folkestone (UK)
with: Matt Page and James Johns

2014 (June) "Nowness", Fischersteige 9, Vienna (AT)
with: Luke McArthur, Ava Wats, Til Weinhold, Katie McGurk, Adeeb Ashfaq, Anna Csefalvay

2014 (Feb) Untitled show, UCA Project space, (UK)
2 Solo shows and 1 group show with Bridie Mason and Sam Carby

2013 (June) "And the rest is rust and stardust", Arch 402 Gallery, London (UK)
with the fine art class of 2015 UCA

2013 (April) "Panopticon", UCA Farnham (UK)
Solo public sound project

2011 (April) Foundation diploma end of year show, Wimbledon college of art