Today's theory for contemporary art - A short critique

I've been stuck on what to make for so long. Umming and Ahh'ing for a long time. I understand now though I think. I've been looking at Cy Twombly and Peter Doig, actually I've been looking at minimalism, surrealism and postmodern painting. I need to create my own work, I kind of understand the idea of "doing what you want" now. 

The world is a difficult place to live in and I'm convinced it always has been. It's also confusing and difficult to know what's going on, and that's probably always been the case too. At university they used to ask this question a lot, "what's going on in the world today?". It's an absurd question to ask, very few have an answer. It's probably better to say, "no one knows for sure exactly", that's OK because it's never been clear, not today in London and not 1000 years ago in Rome. Maybe. So its more important to forget such big questions when making art, because they're damn hard to truly answer. 

End of thoughts.  


 Peter Doig - Camp Forestia. 1996