What was here before we were here?

I have a series of abstract paintings I titled “On the first day”, the title references the creation story from the book of Genesis in the bible, and the paintings in the series themselves are based on my visions of empty landscapes and other great views of landscapes I'd seen in the past. These paintings of the sea and sky are images deeply embedded in my mind as I was born to Portuguese parents from the coast of Portugal a place where I frequently go on holiday. Portugal has an incredible coast facing head on into the Atlantic. I find it incredibly profound just knowing that on the other side of this vast ocean you have America, a land that was undiscovered until 500 years ago. You really feel like your staring out into the open and the sea and sky feel like they go on for eternity, there is no other coast for miles and miles.

The sky in this painting is luminous and multicoloured, the sea a deep blue and stretching far into the distance infinitely. I feel that this image is beyond words, it displays a world with no end and that will far outlast all human life, I think it is what we mean when we say somethings divine, heavenly, beyond life and death. The feeling that if you were to die you would become part of the earth again part of this same landscape.

It is in a sense our home and one day our grave and that an eery feeling in me. It makes me think of history, all who lived and all who died, and all that has happened in history. The sea in Portugal has deep symbolic meaning as many of the first discoverers came from Portugal.

So what do we call the force that created all of this? The title of this series of paintings is important signifying to me that on the first day only the basic things were created, in the bible its the heaven and earth, to scientists its the big bang, does it matter which one we believe do both ideas create the same appreciation for this strange phenomenon we live on? I.e this land we stand on came way before us and will stay for much longer too.