Inspiration - Charles Baudelaire's "Flaneur"

There's a certain kind of film I really love and that seems to inspire me greatly. I don't quite know what to call it or what its called but I seem to relate quite deeply to the films and find myself living out the events that happen in them. 


The term Flaneur was coined in the 1800's by a writer named Charles Baudelaire and it seems to have had a large influence on modernity, especially in cinema and art. Films by Scorsese, Andy Warhol, Joseph Cornell, Dada film makers, Russian film makers, Jean-Luc Godard, Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen.

The idea of the Flaneur seems to have influenced all of them. A great website to see experimental avante garde film is

I am slightly critical of this idea though, I don't find it the most productive or sociable of things to do and I almost am not proud of myself for doing it. I think it encourages loneliness. Still, I am drawn to living this way, always addicted to the romance I experience between myself and the places I'm experiencing. I purposely observe and take it all in and naturally I eventually find myself discovering the part I love most about these places and that influences my work deeply.

I was clued onto this idea I'm not sure how, my tutor first mentioned it to me in 2012 but I already felt I understood what it was before that. The experience of wandering, watching, looking. I love cities, architecture, history. But also strange goings on and events in public and people.

Its strange how these film makers manage to capture this exact feeling in there films. Maybe its the love of travelling? Of wandering? Maybe its the feeling of loneliness or smallness amongst such a large crowd and such tall towers.