From Impressionism to Surrealism

What's important in art is that something was expressed. The point of Art is often to simply show something of the artist to every one else. In most cases this can be very complex and in depth.

This is a beautiful piece by a Canadian artist JEH Mcdonald 1873-1932. This seems to come just before surrealist artists like Max Ernst, Dali and Joseph Cornell. It shows us that the next step after impressionism was surrealism, the way this artist has painted the landscape is very similar to many collages by Max Ernst. I believe artists shifted there focus in the 1800s to focus more on the landscape, nature and so on, completing the shift away from religious themes which took place over 400 years with the move from Renaissance, to Baroque, to then Romanticism and Impressionism.
Surrealism creates new narratives out of the mind of the artist, the artist becomes entitled to do so after the more rigorous religious themes have become less fashionable. The artists mind opened up.


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