Notes on some new paintings

Abstract painting, 8x12 inch on paper
I really enjoyed making this piece. It reminds me of the light, airy fluffy paintings from the late Baroque/Rococo period. Much like Tiepolo and Rubens. But also postmodern abstract painter Cy Twombly who I adore and who was heavily inspired by classical art. 

I wrote this after making this piece. "A story is always followed by example. (i.e by what it feels like not by its instructions)

Chaos, drama, suspense, mystery and horror are all common in classical and renaissance art, but so are order, peace, love, justice, victory, amusement, beauty and friendship too. We can see order in the beautifully sculpted statues of Roman Emperors and God's, representations of the divine and we can see Chaos in something like the Laocoon sculpture from the Hellenistic period in ancient Greece.

There is usually a balance between these two polarising sensations in classical art, when they communicate a story like the crucifixion of Christ or the trials of Hercules there is usually good and evil in the same place. Order in an epic battle to defeat chaos. This is constantly represented in classical art.


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