Welcome to my website

Here you can get a close look at my practice and read my insights on art. Take a second to read this quick walk-through so I can show you around the site.


Under the Bio Tab in the menu bar you can read a bit about me and my journey. Where I studied, when and where I was born, when I went off to study art, my story as tragic and romantic as it is...


The next tab is simply called Art. This tab contains a gallery of selected work from my university years, a gallery showing what I'm producing in the studio, some life drawings and a few other things.


Here you can read about what I'm working on, read my essays on art, philosophy and life. The blog is worth a read, its educational and I share a different point of view your unlikely to read elsewhere about art and life.

My contact information is in the final tab on the right

And in my Shop you can buy inexpensive prints and drawings. By doing so you actively support my work.

So have a look around the site and let me know how I can be of any service to you... thanks for stopping by!